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29103 bar line for bars, second hand

Branche of industry:bars


Production Capacity: 200 kgs/hr
Conveyor Belt: 400 mm
Total Electricity Consumption: 65kw
Vapor Pressure: 0.8 ~ 1.0Mpa
Compressed Air Need: 0.8m3 / min 1.0 Mps

List of Machines:
* Cooking Kettle/Electric Kettle
* Batch Mixer for Cereals/Syrup
* Continuous Forming and Cooling Section
* Double Cylinder forming set jacketed for cold and hot water (Stainless steel double cylinder reduction roller set)
* 2 x Teflon cylinder pressing roller sets (two thickness rollers of Teflon)
* Cooling tunnel 20 feet long x 24” wide belt
* Adjustable disc slitting and length cutting set
* Slitting set for longitudal cutting
* Guillotine cutter
* Conveyor (Conveying set)
* Flow Wrapper (Horizontal flow wrapper)

* spreading belt after the slitting set before guillotine
* new PLC control with touch screen for the whole system

Additional offer:

By request we can offer you possibilities of overhauling, modernizing or adapting of this bar line for your products.

Examples for overhauling