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MIDNr Designation Manufacturers Model Characteristics Picture
70922 almond scalding conveyorBAUERMEISTERBF 250output: 500 kg/h,almond scalding conveyor for almonds
26885 almond slicing machineBAUERMEISTERMHO 22output up to 450 kg/h,almond slicing machine for almonds
25189 almond splitting machinePEHA BEETZworkig width abt. 600 mmalmond splitting machine for almonds
27232 almond treatment plantBAUERMEISTERoutput 500 kg/halmond treatment plant for almonds
71088 almond treatment plantMASETOwith silo, washing line, cooking cannon,almond treatment plant for marzipan
24716 angels kiss plantNIELSEN400with baking oven for wafer bottoms, Mondomix foamangels kiss plant for angels kisses
28486 ascending conveyorUNBEKANNT UNKNOWNheight about 2.400 mmascending conveyor for candies
26685 asymmetric moved mixerGLADIATORMY 7/4743capacity 300 l,asymmetric moved mixer for powders
42635 asymmetric moved mixerKanenberg MT100capacity 100 lasymmetric moved mixer for liquids
71269 bag clip sealing machineOPTIMACHcapacity 30 bags/min.bag clip sealing  machine for miscellaneous
71267 bag clip sealing machineHARTMANNbag opening 150 x 220 mmbag clip sealing  machine for miscellaneous
25502 bag clip sealing machineTHÜRLINGS70 Boutput 60 pcs./min.bag clip sealing machine for miscellaneous
28327 bag clip sealing machineOPTIMABA 6/CHfor bagsbag clip sealing machine for miscellaneous
27747 bag closing machineSIEBLER GÖRING1000capacity 30 up to 60 bags/min.bag closing machine for pralines
42156 bag closing machineNAGEMA07792output: up to max. 50 bags/min,bag closing machine for miscellaneous
42607 bag packing machineBOSCH HAMAC HANSELLA175 Hto pack products in flat bagsbag packing machine for candies
28459 bag packing machineKOPASJK 200 F-Mcapacity max. 100 bags/minbag packing machine for miscellaneous
42244 bag packing machineROVEMAKSLoutput up to 40 bags/min.,bag packing machine for miscellaneous
24982 bag packing machineTHÜRLINGS30 Boutput: up to 50 strokes/minbag packing machine for miscellaneous
28397 bag packing machineTOSSSF5in functional conditionbag packing machine for

Found 876 on the part of: 1 [ 2 ] 3 4 5  ...  44